I don’t throw around the word DOPE very often, but this trip exceeded all my expectations. I give it three DOPEs.
— Doug, Chicago
Ever swim in a natural salt bath off the coast of the British Virgin Islands? I have. This is what dreams are made of.
— Arianna, Beloit
It’s everyone and everything I love in one place. I’m terrified of fish, and I STILL make this trip a priority every year. That is how fun it is.
— Morgan, New York City
I’ve never laughed so much in my life. Probably can’t run for office after the pictures and videos collected from these trips.
— Andy, Dubai
Honestly, these YachtXP trips have made me a more resourceful person. I can make drip coffee without filters and start a fire without matches. Adult merit badges!
— Carly, Detroit
Thanks to YachtXP, I always remember how to spell the word YACHT now!
— Chris, Minneapolis
I didn’t check my email, my LinkedIn, I didn’t style my hair or wear makeup. I learned so much about sailing, and — most importantly — about myself.
— Erika, Minneapolis