Proposed Itinerary
Spring Sail 2020:

Phuket, Thailand 

*Please note that all itineraries are our best attempt. Ultimately our scheduled is controlled by the weather and the wind, which can never be predicted more than two days out. There will also be unforeseeable factors like minor boat mechanics, crew needs, or a simple desire to stay one place longer.

The best crew is a flexible crew. We do our best to stick to a plan, but expect to have some changes along the way. It’s for everyone’s safety and enjoyment!

Saturday Morning:

Meet at Yacht Haven Marina in Phuket

We suggest ALL sailors, regardless of week, arrive in Phuket by Friday night before they set sail on Saturday.  We will be offering hotel suggestions, and maybe even a group rate, if we can find a hotel that can fit us all. All hotels in Phuket are very inexpensive, and we suggest syncing up with other members of the trip to make it even cheaper. If you have any needs/questions, please contact us!


Saturday Night Destination: Phang-Nga Bay

Estimated Sailing: 16 NM

Estimated Sailing Time: 3 Hours


This day will be an excellent introduction into sailing and life aboard.    You'll have a chance to put the sails up and sail by some of the most beautiful islands in the world.    Leaving Saturday early afternoon, we are hoping to reach the southern islands of Phang-Nga Bay.  We will likely be anchoring off of Ko Yao Nio.  Depending on which anchorage we anchor we choose, we'll either end of off of a small fishing village or several small quite beaches.


Sunday Night Destination: Ko Roi / Ko Kudu Yai

Estimated Sailing: 20 NM

Estimated Sailing Time: 3-4 hours

Things to see:
Ko Panyi
Cave Exploring (No motor dinghy in cave)
Sea Gypsy Village


Monday Night Destination: Krabi

Estimated Sailing: 15 NM

Estimated Sailing Time: 3 Hours

Things to See:
Railay Beach
Tiger Cave at Wat Tham Sua
The Emerald Pool
Klong Thom Hot Springs
SCUBA Diving


Tuesday Night Destination:  Phi Phi Island

Estimated Sailing: 17 NM

Estimated Sailing Time: 3.5 Hours

 Things to Do / See:
Scuba Diving
Snorkeling Shark Tours
Rock Climbing

Wednesday Night Destination:
Spare Day - We keep this as our free day to vary our itinerary based upon the desires of the crew and the weather


Thursday Night Destination: Rang Yai Island

Estimated Sailing: 25 NM (Various Depending on Wednesday)

Estimated Sailing Time: 4-5 hours

 Events / Activities
Beach Sports


Friday Night Destination: Yacht Haven Marina

Estimated Sailing: 15 NM

Estimated Sailing Time: 3 Hours

Events / Activities:
Full trip party!

Specifically, on February 14, YachtXP will be hosting a party for both weeks!  Meet your friends who attended the first week as well as see those who are stoked for the second week. 


Total Sailing for the trip: 108 NM

Total Time Estimated Sailing: 20 Hours


Have you signed up yet?! Today is the day sailors!