Flashback to 2011...

When the Packers were the Super Bowl Champions, the Royal Couple was soon to be hitched, and protests were plentiful on Wall Street....

Three University of Wisconsin-Madison students were getting ready to graduate, and rethinking their decision to spend most of their summer on a sailboat - instead of at an internship. Until they realized that their days with Hoofers Sailing Club had not been in vain, as YachtXP was born. A yacht-chartering company that would allow these sailors to mimic the best days of their lives for years to come, and replicate the sailing experience for their dear friends. 

YachtXP continues to extend the magic of vacationing via yacht to friend groups across the globe. Annually, YachtXP hosts two sailing trips around Spring Break and Labor Day. These trips are the highlight of the year for all those that attend. "Vacation" becomes a life-changing XPerience, and friends become family.