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YachtXP Presents Spring Sail 2022

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The Ultimate Combination of Sailing, Exploring & Adventuring

YachtXP Presents

Join us for the experience, leave with some of the best friends you've ever made.

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I’ve never laughed so much in my life. Probably can’t run for office after the pictures and videos collected from these trips.

New York City

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Spring Sail 2024: Spanish Virgin Islands

The Spanish Virgin Islands are a quick sail from the US Virgin Islands and are actually part of the US.  The Spanish Virgin Islands are so incredible this will be our second trip in five years.  Why?  Simple:
Secluded Beauty,
Untouched Nature, Bioluminescent Bays, Less Crowded, Local Culture, Variety of Anchorages & more!  Let's go sailing!

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Week 1: Friday April 19th (Evening) - Saturday April 27th (Morning)

Your eXPerience Awaits

Fall Splash 2024: Croatia

Croatia boasts one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world, with over a thousand islands scattered along the Adriatic Sea. The Dalmatian Coast, where Split is located, is known for its crystal-clear waters, hidden coves, and charming fishing villages. Exploring these islands and coastline by boat allows you to discover secluded beaches and unspoiled landscapes.

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Week 1: August 24th (Evening) - August 31st (Morning)
Week 2: August 31st (Evening) - September 7th (Morning)

Your eXPerience Awaits

“Nothing connects and disconnects me from life the way a YachtXP trip does. What day is it? Who cares! Has anyone texted me? Not important! Where are my friends? They’re all here with me.

San Francisco

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Spring Sail 2023: St Martin, Anguilla, Saba, and St Barts

Our longest trip to date was unforgettable.  The consensus is Saba is one of the coolest Caribbean islands we have ever been to.  Between the luxury of St Saint Barthélemy to the quite beaches of Anguilla - this trip will be a hard one to top!

March 2023

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Past Experiences

Spring Sail 2020: Thailand

Often referred to as the Pearl of the Andaman, Phuket is Thailand’s largest island.  We departed the resort Saturday morning to gather at Yacht Haven marina.  We sipped a few beverages as the the final supplies were placed on the yachts.  Once they were ready, we hopped aboard and pushed off the dock into a perfect light breeze.

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February 2020

Spring Sail 2019: Greece

Our first trip across the Atlantic and our biggest flotilla yet. Greece didn’t disappoint! After a fall of contemplating Med-mooring and learning the essential Greek dances, we’re ready to adjust to the slower speed of life in Greece. We kicked off the trip with a reunion in true YachtXP fashion. It’s always so good to see the crew on dry land before we set sail.

March 2019

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