What’s a YachtXP Trip Like?

Sailing trips are pure adventure and adrenaline. Skipper Barry says, “It’s like being on a floating RV.” YachtXP trips are like camping on the water. We sail 3 - 6 hours a day, we anchor off incredible islands, some remote, some bustling cities. We cook meals together, share berths, help hoist the sails, and ultimately become a family. And we have fun doing every single task, whether making coffee or ATV-ing across a mountain after we set anchor. It’s group experience unlike any other.

Do I need sailing Experience?

You don’t! And you will definitely have opportunities to learn. A helpful and willing attitude goes a long way on these boats. When we make boat assignments, we try to pair experienced and non-experienced sailors together so everyone feels safe and well-taken care of. Plus your skipper is is experienced at fun and sailing! The vast majority of trip skippers are certified by either the American Sailing Association or another international recognized organization.

What’s included?

Included in the cost of any trip is the boat charter, slip/docking fees, GPS and nautical charts, the boat fuel, dinghy, post-trip Yacht cleaning, towels and linens, sleeping accommodations, one-of-a-kind YachtXP apparel, three meals each day for the week, professional photography, and an expertly planned itinerary.

There are additional costs on all trips. These are ultimately optional, but be prepared to budget for: alcohol, meals ashore, additional events/excursions while on land, transportation from airport to marina, and hotels/lodging before and after the sail.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel more than 60 days out, you can put your deposit towards another YachtXP trip within one calendar year.


Flights are not covered in the trip cost. It is up to you to book and arrive on time.

Water Safety

We’re around the water a lot, so it’s important to be careful and mindful. If you are not a comfortable swimmer, we suggest wearing a lifejacket while on board the boat.

Yacht Deposit

Every boat is required to put down a refundable deposit before we set sail. Your skipper will be responsible for collecting money from your boat and returning funds after the yacht is safely returned to the marina.


We define the itinerary based on the weather. Nothing is guaranteed when Mother Nature controls the schedule. It is for your ultimate safety that we keep a suggested itinerary, and adjust as needed.


All of our skippers are volunteers. They are not paid. In fact, they actually pay to be on the trip just like you! You don’t need to tip them, but your respect, kindness, and flexibility is imperative. Jump in when you can and have a good attitude. These skippers are what makes these trips affordable for everyone. Without them, we would have to charge double. So thank your skipper for this affordable luxury trip!

If you’re interested in being a skipper for YachtXP, contact us!


Cell phone service is up to your individual provider. Cell coverage varies greatly by location and island. We will be in constant communication with the boats and the marinas via radio, but you can expect cell service to vary widely. There is no Wi-Fi on the boats. Take a digital break and disconnect, it’s worth it!