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Spring Sail 2022:
British Virgin Islands

Week 1: Friday (Evening) March 11th - Saturday (Early Morning) March 19th
Week 2: Saturday (Afternoon) March 19th  - Sunday (Morning) March 27th

Get ready for the Yachting Experience of the Spring!

Spring 2021: The perfect time to escape winter to the Caribbean. With water temperatures of nearly 80º F when could be a better time?

Remember the last time we went? There was the laser regatta at Bitter End. Exploring the Salt Baths. Lobster dinner at Anegada.

We remember them and missed them so much we are heading back.

Never sailed? No problem! Join another group who has an experienced sailor! Just kick back, apply some sunscreen and enjoy a beverage! Want to sail the boat yourself? We can also arrange that!

This will blow any other spring trip out of the water. Every single day you will wake up to a sunrise either over a beautiful beach or across the ocean. You won’ t have to see the island twice. Want that morning swim? That's only 10 feet away.

Tentative Itinerary:

  • We will receive all provisions and then congregate for 1-2 (limit strictly not enforced) beverages before departing!  

  • Week 1 will grab breakfast at 7:30 AM SHARP. Breakfast will be done by 8:30 and we will all depart together. We' ll drop a photographer in the water to get shots of everyone leaving the marina.  Week 2 will be able to grab lunch at the restaurant as the boats are prepared.  

  • A short reach across the Sir Francis Drake Channel and you’ll arrive at The Bight, Norman Island, rumored to be the site of Robert Louis Stevenson’ s famous novel Treasure Island.

  • After breakfast, take your dinghy (or the yacht) over to The Caves. Pick up a National Park buoy and enjoy the wonders of the coral reef and its colorful inhabitants (don’ t forget to look for treasure!).

  • Enjoy a leisurely sail to Cooper Island and arrive early enough to pick up an overnight mooring buoy (no anchoring here please). Time for more snorkeling off Cistern Point,or lounging on the beach while sipping rum cocktails made on island at the Cooper Island Rum Distillery. Cooper Island Beach Club has a lovely boutique, serves wonderful lunches, dinners and cocktails and is another favourite spot to watch the sun disappear behind the island

  • Sail to The Baths (get there early) on Virgin Gorda and pick up a buoy in the National Park area – plan to spend the morning here and have lunch. Then we' ll sail quickly to the Bitter End. We spend an extra day here. Relax and have a dinner on shore. We'll prepare for our Laser Regetta tomorrow!

  • The big YachtXP Laser Regetta. You' re welcome to participate either as a spectator on a Hobie Cat or jump in your own laser! This is one of the most memorable days of the trip.

  • Next we will dart to Anegada. Here we'll find an amazing lobster feast! We'll relax the following day and explore the beaches on the north side and if you're up for it go kite boarding! The following day we'll sail south again to Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke for one of our last nights before heading back to the marina.

  • If you're on the first week, we end with a giant party of everyone. If you're on the second week - it' s a welcome to YachtXP party. Regardless we look forward to sailing with you

.Boat Preference

What's your Yacht Preference?

The Catamaran provides plenty of comforts on a stable platform where you can stare at the beaches while you cook.  You'll have berths with windows looking into the ocean and plenty of areas for sun bathing.  If you prioritize comfort for adventure, the catamaran is for you.

The monohull is the traditional sailing experience.  You will feel the tilt of the boat (or heel as we call it).  The waves will splash over the bow and you'll feel the boat accelerate and decelerate with the wind.  You'll slice through waves and spend more time sailing.  If you prioritize adventure over comfort, the monohull is for you.

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British Virgin Islands Basics

Where are we leaving from?

Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Island

How do I get to Tortola?

Option 1.) Fly into St. Thomas and take the ferry.  St Thomas is the closest major airport to Tortola.  From St. Thomas there are a significant number of ferries.  Make sure to factor in the ferry schedule when looking at your return flights.  The ferry from St. Thomas is $60 each way.  Normally there is a ferry every few hours.  With COVID, they have been significantly reduced.  There is presently a morning, afternoon and evening.   You can also catch a plane from St Thomas however you'll then need to take a cab from Beef Island.  In my view, it's cheaper and easier to take the ferry.

Option 2 2.) Fly into San Juan and take Silver Airways, Cape Air or Inter Caribbean Airways.  San Juan usually has the best variety of flights then there are 4-8 flights into Beef Island a day.  These are usually $250 round trip.  Flying from San Juan will likely allow you greater flexibility however you will likely need to swap airlines.

What time do we expect to leave?

Week 1 our intention is to leave Saturday morning immediately after breakfast.  Week 2 will depend heavily on the provisioning, cleaning and turn over of the boats.  If there are no late arrivals, we provision the boats and the charter company cleans them - we may leave Saturday evening however the more likely situation is immediately at first light on Sunday.

When do we return?

Our intention is to return the marina at dusk on Friday of week 1.  Week 2 will be either Saturday at dusk or Sunday morning depending on everyone's flight schedules.  

What is the BVI's COVID Policy?

The COVID policies of the BVI's have varied greatly.  When we are closer to the trip, we will communicate any COVID specific details we are aware of.